Data visualization is quite fun. Perhaps when you think of data visualization, you think of ugly Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with half-a$$ed graphs.

With Python, you can do better. →

APIs intermediate

Video games have always been a pricy hobby. With the next generation of consoles just being announced (or about to be) it makes sense to look at how pricing has changed on that front over time.

Let’s see how we can with Python. →

Web Scraping intermediate

Your favorite website doesn’t have an API? Web scraping is a great alternative to grabbing the data you want.

Learn to scrape with Python. →

Networks advanced

The internet is not just a bunch of tubes; it’s much more. A gentle introduction to “how the internet works” starts by building your own chat bot.

Learn how to create an IRC bot with Python. →

GUI advanced new!

There’s more to engineering than the internet. For one thing, you’re probably reading this text on a browser, which itself is a Graphical User Interface to the web.

Learn how to make a Sudoku game with Python. →

I’m writing more Python tutorials!

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